College Works: Copywriting

Date: 2014
Task: Create a copy for the logo
Copy: Brewing the best ideas.

For our thesis, we were required to come up with a group name and a logo. After brainstorming and conceptualizing together, we came up with the name ‘Adlatte’ and the logo design. Our artist, Jez, created it and I came up with the tagline.


Date: 2014
Task: Create a poster for this summer season
Product: Sanuk
Insight: Young adults want to maximize their summer since it is the only time they are truly free to doing the things they want to do.
Big Idea: It’s time to get away this summer with Sanuk.
Copy:  Step outside. Enjoy summer. Experience Sanuk.

For our final project in one of our class, we were tasked to create a print ad for a product. Our group chose Sanuk and conceptualized the insight, big idea and poster together. Photos were taken from Sanuk Instagram.

Print Ad 4
 Print Ad 3  Print Ad 2  Print Ad 1

Date: 2015
Task: Create Facebook Editorials for Zonrox Philippines

During our internship, Jez and I were part of the Digital Team. We were tasked to create editorials for the client. We worked as partners – I worked on research [quotes and pictures from Pinterest] and copy, she was in charge of the creation.

Most memorable part for this project? When we were tasked to do 7 editorials on a crunch time – we ended up fooling around most of the time and laughing out loud – but we met the deadline nonetheless.

Out of the 20 that we made – here are the ones approved by them:


image  image

image  image

Date: 2015
Task: Create Facebook Editorials for Contiki Tours

Jez and I were also asked to create editorials for Contiki – we had fun creating it. Same dynamics applied; I’m on research and copy [quotes and pictures from Pinterest] and Jez on creation. Here are some of my favorites:


2 1
15 5
13 10