College Works: Mock Ups

Date: 2014
Task: Create a poster for ‘Help as One’ pins
Product: Button Pins
Brand Name: Help as One
Tagline: Yolanda is now gone. But we still need to #HelpAsOne
Buy a P100 pin for a priceless cause. All proceeds will go to the livelihood project for the Yolanda victims.

We were asked to create a poster for the button pins. I wanted my poster to be a reminder that even if Typhoon Yolanda passed (for several months), the people are still in need of help – this was the concept I was going for.


FINAL Poster - Sioson, Raya

Date: 2014
Task: Create a print ad for Gatorade
Brand Name: Gatorade
Big Idea: ‘You don’t have to be an athlete to perform like an athlete’
Note: The big idea was formulated by our group.
Copy: Bring out your inner athlete. There is greatness within. Unleash it. Drink Gatorade.

*Achievement: Won best print ad in our Print Advertising Production and Management Class April 2014


Date: 2014
Task: Create a magazine cover
Brand Name: Unscreened Magazine
Tagline: The magazine for limitless men.

We were tasked to create a magazine cover. I decided to stick with my all time celebrity crush, Chris Evans for the cover. Since I had a hard time thinking of captions, I used the titles of his movies to create the copy for the magazine. 🙂


Date: 2014
Task: Photo manipulation
Product: Use any cosmetic product
Brand Name: Maybelline
Copy: Let your lashes make the statement

Original Photo:
Note: The photo was given for us to make the adjustments


Mock Up:


Date: 2014
Task: Create a magazine using the photos you have shot

Our group had the shoot around campus and decided to make the magazine a Christmas Edition since Christmas was just around the corner. We didn’t have the time to think of the name so we ended up calling it, ‘This Magazine’.

Cover Page

Date: 2014
Task: Create badges.

Project11A-11110155  Project11B-11110155