Resume & Contact

I dream. I write. I travel… not necessarily in that order.
I’m a certified child at heart who wants to experience and learn from life.

Personal Blog
Before, I called it…
The Outlet.
 Write and Release.
I am a self-proclaimed writer. This is my outlet. 

Now, I call it…
Thoughts of a dreamer.
This is my record. It’s funny that I see my growth just by scrolling down. Oh, how my mind flies.

Online Portfolio 
Raya Sioson. A fresh grad getting ready for the real world.
My portfolio is just like me. Still on the works, still in progress. 

Travel Blog
The Wandering Roomies. Adventures in Getting Lost.
Who said getting lost is a bad thing? Two ex-roomies getting lost in their new room – the world.

Note: This page is still in the making.